Shohin pots

Shohin pots
Shohin pots

Saturday, May 7, 2011

More recent work.

This Juniper is shown here two years ago after a year in training.  It was a collected  garden plant.its showing a lot of new growth here.  Recently I put it in a new pot of mine and changed its position to show off the trunk line and deadwood. I'll have photos of it for my next post.

A White Pine repotted into an unglazed pot of my design


...and there is a lot of it to do.  I repotted several trees for clients into my pots.  I'm also getting a lot of my own trees into their new pots.  Its always exciting to see the change in the image of a tree placed into a new pot that complements it. The bigger trees I've moved from their nursery pots and put into shallower wooden boxes.  Those that have been in training boxes for the last few years can now go into proper pots.  Some trees just need a different look. 

This Scots Pine has been worked on through part of the last two growing seasons and got a new pot last week.  Still needs a few years to develop and refine yet.